Entry: I'm all teary eyed! Sep 9, 2003

My next door neighbours left today to move to FRANCE taking their 2 adorable daughters I always babysit. They just said goodbye, I was practically in tears but I stopped for the sake of my mascara. I'm really going to miss them.

I'm a bit piddley diddlied off, I can't find the Coldplay parachutes album!!! I've searched everywhere and I cant find it and worst off all it's my brothers and he'll KILL ME. I better go and blow my nose. Ew I know.

Marianna |9th September|19:04|


September 10, 2003   10:55 AM PDT
Maw shweetie don't cry. :( *hugs* Isn't there any way you can write to the two little girls you used to babysit? I'm sure they'll miss you just as much as you will then. Please cheer up!

Good luck finding the Coldplay album, just try re-tracing your steps.

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