Sep 17, 2003

I have no friends. Well I do but they are shit. Katie and Laura are like supposed to be my best friends but they always diss me and make me the butt of there jokes and I'm sick of it. Like for example if we were walking home from school, they'd be walking infront of me talking while I'd be stuck behind trying to budge in beside them. Laura just thinks shes GORGEOUS and so popular but to be honest she's not every pretty and she's REALLY tall. I know thats mean to say but I'm angry at her. GR. Katie is just a bit of user. When we were walking home, they have to walk a straight ahead while I have to take a left. So when we reached that road, I just went (quietly) bye and and they like OH sorry.. (on acount they didn't notice me going because they were talking). I'm kicking myself now, I shouldn't have said anything and just walked on. It's just I hate confrontation but it's getting to point where I'm ripping my hair out. GRRRRR.

Teachers are LOADING the homework on, I'm starting to get migraines. I FOUND THE COLDPLAY CD. It went behind my brothers bed. I'm so glad I found it, it's very soothing at this time (as I want to kick Laura or Katie). But its a bit depressing. lol. I really want my brace off. I hate my smile with them on. I hate my smile anyway but I'm dying to see what my teeth are like. I had a massive gap in my two front teeth and I just looked weird. I am weird, I looked and still look weird and I act weird. Thats life. lol bai x

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Sep 9, 2003
I'm all teary eyed!

My next door neighbours left today to move to FRANCE taking their 2 adorable daughters I always babysit. They just said goodbye, I was practically in tears but I stopped for the sake of my mascara. I'm really going to miss them.

I'm a bit piddley diddlied off, I can't find the Coldplay parachutes album!!! I've searched everywhere and I cant find it and worst off all it's my brothers and he'll KILL ME. I better go and blow my nose. Ew I know.

Marianna |9th September|19:04|

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Sep 4, 2003
First Blog yeah!

This is my first blog! I'm so tired today it's unbelievable, I'll need a matchsticks to keep my eyes open. I watched a film last night called Teaching Mrs. Tingle and it wasn't over until 1am and I had to get up at 7:30am this morning for school. The film was spectaculary crap, thats like and hour and half I'll never get back of my life. School was also crap, I got a bottom locker for the 3rd time. It's a real pain in behind.

And there was all talk for our Junior Cert (state exams) and it scared me a bit. I saw my old bully today and she was staring at me because I got high lights, I felt like head butting her. She's the smallest person I've ever seen in my life yet she thinks she is so great. I don't understand it and she's ugly aswell. Gawd. My MSN is messing up on me. Rar!

Marianna <3 | Thursday 4th Sep | 18:28 |

Posted at 10:32 am by shiver
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